Learn by Doing? Learn to be the best. Learn by school? Learn to be at the mercy of an authority figure.

It’s clearly evident that humans learn much better by doing rather than abstract listening and studying. So why do we keep structuring our school systems after hitting the books and listening to lectures when we should be giving students hands on experiences in fields of study? 

Why do we tend to sort out students based on their ability to live up to expectations of teachers, professors, lecturers, teaching graduate students? We have this need to sort out the smart kids from the dumb kids, and say these people have the ability to succeed, and these other people are wasting their time and shouldn’t even be here.

It’s easy. Because it’s easy. We need to get over this laziness and do something about reforming education. Instead of taking the easy path out and throwing money at it, maybe we should look deeper and determine what is the best way to produce cream of the crop students, and work hard to achieve that. Until then, money won’t solve anything.